Hi Stranger!

My name is Pauline, I’m 26, in between jobs, and more importantly, I love to travel. I’ve started this blog a year ago, to share my interest in foreign countries, culture, and beautiful sceneries. I also wanted to deal a bit with lifestyle and home decoration, as I am also a huge fan of raiding decoration shops, and spending hours on the internet thinking about how I could revamp my studio (since I cannot afford spending my whole life travelling -at least for now 😉 ).

So, what is to be found in here? 

Travel Articles and photos. I know there are so many travel blogs, and thus questioned (and am still questioning) myself: what will be different about mine?

– For one, I wanted to keep the pictures separated, so I upload them in the ‘photo gallery’ section, and organize them by place and theme categories. In each gallery, I upload a handful of photos that have a similar atmosphere, that could tell a story. It is not a pêle-mêle of photo souvenirs, but rather a sort of mood board. By the way, the photos are mine 😉

– In the travel articles, that appear in the blog section, I try to discuss the atmosphere and/or history of the places I visited. I make a few recommendations.. As a matter of fact, I am still trying to find my own editorial line 😉

I also vlog a bit, because I find that videos can really bring you places.

Lifestyle and home decoration articles. They also appear in the blog section‘. I am not sure about how this category might evolve; but so far, my idea is to share tips and inspiration with you, Reader, who may or may not exist. I am of course not paid to recommend anything -however, some links may be monetized, which means that I will earn a small commission if you buy an item after clicking on the said link without making it more expensive for you to buy.  & The items I list are usually things you could get on a budget (because, I am^^).

What else? 
Do not hesitate to ask me any question, using the comment sections, or write to me at: hello[@] encorrespondance . com !

You can follow me on Instagram, and might be able to see, from time to time, my beloved cat Meeko 🙂 And this blog also has a Facebook page, a Pinterest page, and a Twitter Account, in case you want to be informed of the new publications.
And please, pardon my French -‘cuz I’m not an English native speaker, but come from the country of macarons and madeleines de Proust, yes yes.

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